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About Chabad Management Solutions

Chabad Management Solutions has been formed with the purpose of supplying Chabad-Lubavitch Synagogues -- as well as other Chabad-Lubavitch affiliated religious, educational, and charitable institutions -- with effective management tools, training, and solutions, enabling them to manage both their religious and their related financial duties in an integrated and effective manner.

Under the auspices of Chabad of Pasadena, CMS has been taking the lead on developing effective management solutions for Chabad-Lubavitch affiliates. We began with the knowledge that the requisite religious training received by the leaders of most Chabad-Lubavitch institutions often does not adequately prepare them for the management duties involved in running such institutions. Integrated software solutions that make it easy to manage such an institution, and which simultaneously deal effectively with the specialized needs of a typical Chabad-affiliated organization, are difficult (and in some ways, impossible) to come by. The development of personalized solutions is prohibitively expensive, particularly for smaller organizations. Hence the need for a subsidized, integrated solution to be made available to all.

Over the years, a complete system, with specialized companion software, was developed. It helps managers of affiliates deal with contact management, while keeping track of their special dates on the Hebrew calendar, their preferences for programs offered, and their religious preferences; donor recognition, with automated letter generated which include Jewish-calendar-based religious verbiage; student tracking and registration for religious school and summer camps, complete with their Hebrew names and birthdays; etc. etc.

Chabad Management Solutions:

  • Creates, maintains and improves software solutions tailored to the needs of Chabad-Lubavitch affiliates, and offers them for sale at subsidized prices.
  • Offers free and highly subsidized seminars throughout the year, giving affiliated rabbis and volunteers the tools needed to successfully continue with their primary mission serving the Jewish community.
  • Trains professionals who do on-site visits with Chabad-Lubavitch institutions, and train their staff in effective management solutions.

Our mission is to enhance the effectiveness of Chabad-Lubavitch affiliates' religious outreach efforts by enabling each individual institution to be managed effectively, integrating the religious requirements into the management process.

Our services and products are made available to organizations affiliated with Chabad-Lubavitch.