Version 11.12.27 - 13.02.12 | Miscellaneous improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Version 11.12.27 Friendship Circle Module
    During enrollments, when selecting friends for a special needs child or volunteer, the Friends Listing is now sorted properly and also searchable.

  • Version 11.12.28 Year Comparison Letter - Exclude No Mail
    When generating a Year Comparison Letter, addresses that are marked No Mail are excluded by default. You have the option of unchecking the "Exclude addresses marked No Mail" check box if you want to include those addresses.

  • Version 12.4..4 Transaction Report - Added Note field.
    You can now show the Transaction Note field on Transaction Reports. This (and other fields) are on the Columns tab (Reports > Transactions.

  • Version 12.5.2 Security Bug
    Fixed bug where contacts that were flagged as Private were still visible to restricted users. 

  • Version 12.6.14 Contact Report - Limit to Starting Letter Name
    There was an issue where you were not able to get those Contacts whose name begins with the letter "Z". Even when choosing R-Z, those z-names would be excluded from the report.
    A crude work-around was to use a character that comes alphabetically after "z" such as the Greek Omega ('Ω).

    A similar issue (but more easy to work around) was  when choosing any letter range, A-F for example, that the F was not included.

    This was corrected in version 12.6.14. No more Greek

  • Version 12.6.14 Contact Report - Exclude Family Member Flags
    Applies to the following modules: Camp, School and Friendship Circle.

    You can now click the "Not" check box on the top of the Family Member  Flags (Contact Report > Family tab), to exclude anyone associated with the flags you select.

  • Version 12.6.17 Contact Report - Directory
    In this improvement, the Directory type report can dispaly all phone numbers and email addresses, whether Primary or Secondary.
    To generate this type of report, click Report > Contacts and choose Directory from the Report options.
    On the Columns tab, select which Phone and Email types you'd like to display and click OK.

  • Version 13.2.10 Occasion Reports - Exclude Programs
    You can now make an Occasion Report (upcoming birthdays, for example) based on Excluding one or more Programs.
    This works in a similar way to the Contact Reports which can also exclude Programs.
    Click Reports > Occasions > Programs tab.

  • Version 13.2.11 Suspected Duplicates Error
    Fixed error when clicking the Main button in the Suspected Duplicate window.

  • Version 13.2.12 Occasion Report - Individual Family Member Flags
    Applies to Camp, School and Friendship Circle modules.
    You can now make an occasion report limited to or exclude Family Member flags.
    Click Reports > Occasions > Family tab for this option.