Version 13.08.02 | Miscellaneous improvements and Bug Fixes

Version 13.7.29
  • New field "Scheduled thank-you letter" is available on the Bill screen and recurring bill screen. When a payment is entered and applied to a bill that has a scheduled thank you letter, that letter will be used for the payment.

    This is especially useful for auto-recurring credit card charges in that you can now specify which thank-you letter should automatically be assigned to the payment that is entered.
Version 13.8.1 
  • Improvement: New button on main screen to be able to more easily copy a selected phone/email to clipboard.

  • Bug Fix: Address Note field (in Address Details) is now editable. The Edit Note button to the right of the note field, now works as expected.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed error that comes up when entering a New Contact.
    "Object variable or With block variable not set. The Add Contact windows will close".

  • Bug Fix: After entering a new contact, the Home Phone field no longer incorrectly displays the input mask (!\(999") "000\-0000;0;_)

  • Improvement: Display note field in Family Programs list view.
Version 13.8.2
  • Bug Fix: Fixed error when clicking the Select button (to select criteria) in Contact Details report.