Version 13.08.23 | More fixes and improvements

  • Bug Fix: Compatibility with non-US Windows Versions. Issue with "False" error upon start up. ("Fasch" or "Faux", "Falso" etc, depending on your language).
  • Improvement: Manage Programs - update based on Transactions using Individual Amount.

  • Bug Fix: 'Auto Fill' button for Credit Card Email address (phone and fax) now works as expected (and handles the new Contact Number structure properly). It is now based on the Card Name selected in the Billing Information. When a name is entered manually, the shared home and fax number for the contact is used, but the email will not auto-fill. 

  • Improvement: Friendship Circle / Adult Education Report. Added Count to show total number of enrollments per scheduled Class/Program. This is in addition to the Qty field which is the quantity field in the bill.
  • Bug Fix: Entering a new Event Reservation (Events tab), no longer will cause a "Invalid Use of Null" error when choosing the Category.

  • Improvement: New option for Contact View window to remain Maximized. This is especially useful for those that have low resolutions and keep needing to maximize the Contact View window.
    Click Program Setup > Options > Other tab.