Promote a family member to a Main Contact

New Feature: The ability to create a new contact record from a family member. This is typically done when a child grows up and moves out of his parents' home. It can also be used for separating two primary members (as in the case of divorce).
Prior to this implementation, it was necessary to manually create a new contact and re-enter all the contact info.

With this new feature, a single click creates the new contact and all the related data is seamlessly moved over. This includes Family Member Programs, Family Flags, Adult Education Course enrollments, Friendship Circle Programs and attendance. Transactions are not moved.

Below are some details (and screenshots) on how this works:
  1. Select the family member whom you want to "promote" to a primary contact and click Edit.

  2. Click the Create Primary button (at the bottom left of the screen).

  3. Optionally enter a new Home Address and Home Phone. You have the option to use the existing Home Address and Phone. A Relationship link can also be automatically created.

  4. When clicking OK, you will (optionally) be taken to the newly created contact.