FAQs Google Contacts Integration

Q. Is Google Contact Integration already available? How do I get it?

A. It is available in the current version of CMS (version 14.x). This version is available for anyone with an active subscription and can be downloaded on the Support Website. Login to the website and click Downloads.

Q. Do I need to be online in order to use this?

A. Yes. In order for CMS to connect to Google you need to be connected to the Internet. Future updates to this feature may allow for offline updates to be cached and then submitted to Google once a connection to the Internet is established.

Q. OK, I installed the latest version of CMS. But how to I set this up?

A. Please see detailed instructions on setting this up here

Q. How long does it take for changes made in CMS to appear in Google?

A. It happens instantly. As soon as a change is made, you'll see it appear in your Google Contacts. Open a browser and view the details of one of your CMS Contacts and make a change in CMS. You'll see that change come up instantly in your Google Contacts.
Depending on your phone, and the Sync settings on your phone, it may take a bit longer for the data to appear.

Q. What is a "Google Group" and when should it be used?

A. You may not want to have all your Google Contacts go into your CMS program. By choosing a Google Group, you are telling CMS to only check for new/changed contacts in your Google Account that are part of that Group. This way, any Google contact that is not part of that Group, will not be auto-entered/updated in CMS.
If you're using an iPhone or Blackberry, you should verify with your phone that it is able to sync with Contacts that are only in a specific Google Group. In our tests with an Android phone (Galaxy SIII), integration with Google Groups worked seamlessly.

Q. How does the CMS Program "know" if changes were made to a Google contact?

A. Every few minutes, CMS CONNECTED logs in to your Google Account and checks if any changes were made to any contacts (since it last checked). This won't slow down your CMS Program since it happens in CMS CONNECTED, an external component. It will even update your CMS data while the main CMS Program is closed.

Q. When a new contact is added to my phone but is already in CMS. How does it know to match it up and not to create a duplicate.

A. Because of the sensitivity of your CMS data, we took extreme precautions in this area. When the system detects a new contact in Google, it will intelligently attempt to match it to an existing contact in CMS. Even when a match is found, you will need to confirm it.
However, once a match is made between a CMS Contact and a Cloud Contact, updates will happen in both directions silently and seamlessly without user intervention. See this KB Article for details.

Q. Do I need to install an App on my phone?

A. Since this feature works with Google Contacts, as long as you can interact with Google Contacts on your phone, you'll be able to benefit from this feature. If you're using an iPhone or Blackberry, there may be an app that does a better job at syncing with your Google Contacts than the native Contacts that is on your device. This is especially true when it comes to Google Groups.

Q. I have Contacts in my Google account that I don't want in CMS. How does that work?

A. You can create a Group in your Google account and assign the Google contacts you want to Sync with that Group. Contacts that are not assigned to that Group will not come up in your CMS. In addition, any Contacts in CMS that are being updated to Google, will be assigned to that Google Group.
In your Google Integration setup, you can designate which Google Group to integrate with.

Q. I have thousands of contacts in CMS and I don't want or need all of them on my phone, or in my Google account. What are my options?

A. You decide which Contacts in CMS will be integrated with the Cloud. You can designate CMS Contacts one at a time, or in bulk. You can also select a group of CMS Contacts based on a Program.

Q. Is it possible to integrate my CMS Contacts to two or more Google accounts? In addition to two accounts, is it possible that each account specify which CMS Contacts (and Google Group) to integrate with?

A. Yes and Yes.
You are able to setup multiple accounts and each account can have it's own settings, including which CMS Contacts are being integrated and which Google Group.
The settings are related to the User login account to CMS. Each user who logs in is able to configure their own settings.

Q. I have Users to CMS who I would not like them to get CMS Contacts into their Google Account. Can this be prevented?

A. Of course. In order for a user to be able to access the Google Contacts settings, they need to be in a Security Group that has Permission to that feature. You set up Login Users, Security Groups and Permissions under Program Setup > Security.
In addition, you are able to give a user (by means of a Security Group) Read Only permission to this feature. Read only would allow their Google Account to be updated with CMS Changes, but would not automatically update CMS with changes from their Google Account.