Getting updates from Google

Every 2 minutes, CMS CONNECTED will check your Google account for any new Contacts, or updates to existing contacts. It does this check for all Google accounts that are linked to CMS Logins. This only happens on the computer that is designated to get Google updates

When it detects any changes to contacts already matched, it instantly updates your database. If new contacts were added, it adds them to the CMS database but waits for you to take action on how they should be committed.

Because it is possible that multiple Google contacts are in the same family, it is necessary for your input on how a new Google contact should be entered in CMS. However, once the link is made between a CMS Contact and a Google Contact, updates are seamless without any user intervention.

There can be several possibilities on what to do with a new Google Contact:
  • Create New Record
    Definition: This Google contact is a totally new record and not part on an existing CMS family. 
    Result: A totally new Family will be created in CMS with this Contact being the primary family member.

  • Create New Family Member (matched Family Record)
    Definition: This Google contact is part of an existing Family in CMS, but the individual family member is not yet in the database. 
    Result: This family member will be added to the matched Family.

  • Update Google (matched contact) 
    Definition: This Google contact has been matched to a Family and to an individual family member in that family.
    Result: The Google contact details (mobile, email etc.) will be updated to match the individual family member in CMS.
  • Update CMS (matched contact)
    Definition: This Google contact has been matched to a Family and to an individual family member in that family.
    Result: The individual member details (mobile, email etc.) will be updated to match the Google contact.
  • Delete Google (matched member duplicate)
    Definition: This Google contact matches up to an existing Family and individual family member, but that individual already has a corresponding Google Contact. In other words, this is a duplicate contact in Google.
    Result: The Google contact will be deleted. The existing family member in CMS will remain as is.

  • Permanently Ignore (available in version 14.2.14 or later)
    Definition: The update that was downloaded from Google will be permanently ignored.
    Result: No change will be made to the Google Contact and no change will be made to CMS. The downloaded change will be permanently removed from the list.
When working with new contacts in Google, you need to indicate on each Google contact one of these options. The Program provides you with a user friendly interface where you can intuitively select a Family/Individual to match up.
In addition, each new Google contact needs to be confirmed by clicking the "Confirm" button or check box. 

The Reminders window in CMS will show you if there are any new Google Contacts waiting for you.

In the screenshot above, you can see that there are 8 new Google contacts that are awaiting your input.
Select the "New Google Contacts" items and click Open Item (or double-click).

This opens the List of Google Contacts.

When this window is opened, the System analyzes each of the contacts and attempts to match it to a Family and then to an individual family member. The results are displayed in the Action/Status field as well as the Member Type.

As stated above, because of the sensitivity of your CMS data, none of the results are actually committed to your database without you first confirming them. Click the Details... button to specify how each Google contact should be treated (what the Action should be).

In the Google Contact List, there are various buttons, check boxes and drop-downs:
  • Filtering Options (Action and Confirmed)
    At the top-left, there are two filtering options based on Action and Confirmed Status. You can use these filtering options to only show the Google Contacts that match the filter you chose.

  • Show Details check box
    Check this box to show more details on each of the Google Contacts while still in the List View. (Not to be confused with the 'Details...' button which opens up a totally new screen -see below).

  • Force Duplicates check box
    If there are two or more Google Contacts being added that have the same last name and address, the Program will not enter either of them, unless this check box is checked. In general, you should leave this check box unchecked to prevent duplicate contacts in your database. The way to deal with duplicate contacts (for example, a husband and wife that each are a Google Contact), is to first confirm the Husband and import it. Then, in round two, match the wife's Google Contact as an additional family member (Member Type: Primary her) to the Husband's record.

  • Details... button
    Click this button to open the Details window (see below) where you can Match and/or Unmatch Google Contacts to Family records and Individual Family Members. You can also make changes to the Action / Status and Member Type fields.

  • Re-Process button
    When the Google Contacts list is open for the first time, it "processes" and analyzes the list of Google Contacts and attempts to match them up to existing Family records in CMS, as well as individuals family members. Once a Google Contact record was "processed", the System does not attempt to match it up again, even if changes were made in your database (new records added, changed, etc.). If changes were made to your database, and you would like the System to attempt to match up the Google Contacts anew, click this button.

  • Update button
    Click this button to commit all "confirmed" Google Contacts to your database. The Action on each Google Contact will be done.

  • Close button
    Click to Close this window.
While you can confirm any of the rows by checking the Check box to the left of each row, you cannot make any changes to the Action/Status field, or the Member Type field.
it is recommended that you review (and where needed, modify) each Google Contact by seeing the details.

To confirm and to modify the Action / Status and Member Type, click the 'Details...' button.

The Details screen has several areas.
  • The left pane is the Google Contact
    You can move forward and backwards in the list of Google Contacts by clicking the 'Previous Google Contact' and 'Next Google Contact' buttons respectively.

  • The right pane is the CMS Record
    At the Top is the matched Family and at the bottom is the individual family member.

  • Match and Unmatch buttons
    To match a Google Contact to a CMS Family and then Individual Family Member, click the Select Match button (at the top right). If the Google Contact has been incorrectly matched to a Family, click Unmatch.

  • Family Member drop-down
    Once a Family is selected, you can then choose which Family Member this Google Contact is to be matched with. If it is a new family member, leave the Family Member drop-down blank. To unmatch a family member, but keep the Family matched, click the red 'x' to the right of the Family Member drop-down.

  • Member Type
    When a new Contact is going to be added to CMS, you need to indicated the Member Type. The choices are Primary Him, Primary Her, or Child. Note: Because there can be just one Primary Him in a Family, you will not be able to choose Primary Him when adding an additional family member if that family already has a "Primary Him". (The same holds true for "Primary Her").

  • Action
    This fields gets updated automatically when clicking Select Match, Unmatch, selecting a Family Member or clicking the "x". The only time you would need to manually adjust this field is where the Google Contact is matched to an individual family member. By default, the system will choose "Update Google (matched Member)" as the Action. You may want to change this to "Update CMS (matched member)" if you have more accurate data in Google than in CMS. (You would also have to manually choose "Delete Google (matched member duplicate) if this is a duplicate contact in Google.

  • Filtering Options
    There are also Filtering options (based on Action and Confirmed Status), where you can choose to show only the Google Contacts that fit the filter you choose.

  • Save / Undo Changes
    After making a change, you can click Save Changes to save the change, or Undo Changes, to undo the change.

  • Show Tips
    Check this box to show the yellow tips you see in the screenshot above.
Be sure to click the Confirm button to indicate that the matching done on the Google Contact is acceptable.
Be sure to go through all your Google Contacts by clicking the Google Contact Navigation buttons.
If you are unsure about a particular Google Contact, you can choose 'No Action' in the Action field. This will ignore that Contact entirely and not make any changes to CMS or the Google Contact.

When you are done matching and confirming, click OK to go back to the List of Google Contacts. The changes you made in the Detail screen will reflect in the List view. 
Click Update to commit the Confirmed changes to your database.

In case an update was done incorrectly, you can see a history of updates as well as roll back any updates that were done.