Google Contacts Integration - Setup Instructions

Follow these steps in order to setup your Google Contacts integration.
  1. Enable this app in your CMS options.
    See Enabling Google Contact Integration for details.

  2. Ensure that you have Security Permission to this feature.
    See Setting up a login to CMS.

  3. Authenticating your Google Account.
    See Authenticating your Google Account for details.

  4. Choose a Google Group.
    See Using a Google Group for details.

  5. Designate this computer to get Google Updates.
    See Designating a Computer for Google Updates for details.
Once the setup has been done, you can now use the integration as follows:
  1. Login to CMS Connected and have it check your Google Account for contacts to be added/matched to CMS.
    To avoid duplicate contacts in your Google account, we recommend that this step be done prior to choosing which of your CMS Contacts should be sent to Google.
    See Getting Updates from Google for details.

  2. Choose which contacts in CMS should be designated for Google. 
    This can be done individually or in batches based on a Program.
    See Choosing CMS Contacts for Google for details.