You may not want all your contacts in Google to be integrated with you CMS. The way to do this, is to create a Google Group and choose that Google Group in your Google Contact Integration Settings.

Click Tasks > Contacts to open the Google Contact Integration Settings.

Click the Refresh button to update the Group drop-down with your current Google Groups.
Click New Group to create a new Google Group.

If you want to integrate with all your Google Contacts, you should select the "System Group: My Contacts" group.
You should NOT leave this field blank.

Note: Your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry) may not integrate with Google Groups and may only sync with Contacts that are in the "System Group: My Contacts" group.
If you are using such a smartphone, you should choose the "System Group: My Contacts" otherwise, you won't see newly created Google Contacts come up on your phone, nor will contacts you add/edit on your phone show up in CMS.

There may be third-party apps that integrate with Google Groups. While we can't recommend any specific third-party app to use and make no guarantee to it's functionality, we are providing this link below to help in your search.

The next step is to designate a computer to get updates from Google.