5. Designating a Computer for Google Updates

Because the CMS program can be configured on a network with multiple computers, it is necessary to designate which computer is checking your Google account and saving updates to CMS.

Should this happen on multiple computer at the same time, it would create duplicates and other errors. 

Even on a single computer setup (no network) it is necessary to designate the computer to get updates.

Click Tasks > Contacts

Check the "Designate this computer to get updates from Google" check box.

Note: On the computer that is designated to get the updates, this box will be checked, and the text will read "This is the computer that gets updates from Google."

After designating a computer to be the one to get updates, you need to log out of CMS CONNECTED and log back in.
If a different computer was previously designated to get updates and was changed to this computer, you must log out of CMS CONNECTED on that computer as well. 

To log out of CMS CONNECTED, click CMS CONNECTED in the System Tray and choose Log off.

When a computer is designated to be the one to get updates from Google, the CMS CONNECTED menu will include the "Get Google Contact Updates" item. CMS CONNECTED which runs in the background of your computer will check for Google Updates (new or changed contacts) every 2 minutes.