MailChimp Integration

Integration Setup

If you don't have a MailChimp Account, you must first create one. Click here  to get started.
  1. Get your API Key from MailChimp.
    In your MailChimp account, click Account Settings > Extras > API Keys.
    Click Create A Key
    See more details here

  2. Enter the API Key (obtained from MailChimp) into CMS.
    Click Program Setup > Options > Custom
    Click the "MailChimp Integration check box.
    Enter the API Key (use Ctrl + V to paste).
  3. Create one or more Audiences in MailChimp as need
    In your MailChimp account, click Audiences > Create Audience
    See more details here

    (previously, Audiences were called "Lists")
Use the Integration
In the Contact Report window, choose MailChimp from the Output list. The available lists will populate. Select a List.

IMPORTANT: If you don't want to clear the list before uploading the new emails, be sure to uncheck the Clear List check box..
  • Clear List Checked:
    All subscriber information previously uploaded to this list by CMS will be deleted, and then new information will be uploaded. If anyone subscribed to this list from other sources, they will not be deleted. If you want to completely clear a list consider using a list that is not publicly available to sign up for.

    A custom MailChimp Merge Field, called CMS, is used to differentiate between subscribers who were uploaded by the CMS program and those that signed up at other places.  If you are relying on this, you must ensure that you don't manually edit this field's data, or delete the field.

  • Clear List Unchecked: 
    Subscriber information will not be removed prior to uploading the new information. If an email address already exists in the list, the details of that subscriber (Name, Birthday, Donation info, etc.) will be updated.

Choose any other options and/or criteria available in the Contact Report and click OK.