CMS CONNECTED 2.0 - Dashboard

When starting CMS CONNECTED, a new and simple dashboard can be shown. You may find that this dashboard is easier to use than having the app run in the System Tray and using the Menu.

To display the Dashboard, double-click the CMS CONNECTED icon in the System Tray (area next to the Windows Clock).

You can still use the click Menu (right or left click) as before. 

On the Dashboard, you can access the following features by clicking on the appropriate button:
  • Authorize Google: Click this button to Authorize your Google Account to be integrated with CMS for Google Contact Integration. See this KB article for more details.

  • Google Updates: Click this button to get any contact changes, and new contacts from Google. The system will check every few minutes for changes even if you don't click this button. The system also renewal the Google Authorization every hour or so automatically. If your Google Authorization expired, you can force renew it by clicking this button.
    See Getting Updates From Google for details
  • CMS Cloud Updates: Click this button to get any updates from CMS Cloud. Changes made on CMS Cloud to contacts and more are automatically updated in your database. This happens automatically every few minutes even if you don't click this button.

  • Log Off: Clicking this, will log you out of CMS CONNECTED and bring up the login window.

  • Exit: This will exit the CMS CONNECTED Program.
    To close the Dashboard without exiting, click the x at the top right of the Dashboard. CMS CONNECTED will continue to run in the System Tray.