Form Designer | Reservation Form

The new Form Designer offers greater flexibility and more features, is more intuitive and simple to use, and generates beautiful forms for your site.

Click Tasks > Online Form Submissions > Forms Setup to bring up the Form Designer. (Earlier versions had this in the CMS Connected app)

Select "Reservation" from the Form Type drop-down to show your Reservation type forms. Then select the form you want to work with. 

In the above screenshot,  we selected the Shabbat Dinner form.

Note: If one or more of your forms don't show up in the Form drop-down and you are upgrading from an earlier version of CMS CONNECTED Forms, click the "Previous Version" link, select your form, and click Upgrade Form. This will add your old form to the new Form Designer. You will still be able to use your form in the previous version and the form will continue to work on your website.

To save any changes you made to the Form Settings on any of the tabs, click the Save button. Clicking Cancel will cancel any unsaved changes. Clicking Close will close the form. If there are unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save them before closing.

Below is a description of each of the options and what they are for. Options that are disabled don't apply to the type of form you are working with.

Settings Tab

General Options
  • Form Name: This is where you give your form a name. It is the name that will show up in the Form drop-down.
  • Form Description: A slightly more detailed description of the form.
  • Charge Event: If you are charging for the event, be sure to check this box. Doing so will ensure that the form displays properly and that the amounts are calculated correctly. This will also affect how the confirmation email will display the guest listing.
  • Optional Donation: Check this box if you are including the optional donation field on the form. This too effects the rendering of the form, calculations of totals as well as the confirmation email that is sent.
Category Mapping
  • Donation Subcategory: When making a reservation on your website using this form, you can optionally include a Donation field. If the reservation includes a donation, this Subcategory will be used when the submission is auto-entered into CMS.
    You have the option of including a Donation Purpose field giving the person a choice what the donation is for in which case, that field will override what you select here.
Payment Gateway Settings
Fields Tab

Much of what you need to know about Fields and FieldSets is described in the Donation Form KB Arcicle. Please review the details there.
Unlike the donate form however, each FieldSet will automatically create its own page in the Form. The person making the reservation goes through the form pages clicking Next (and Previous). When the last page of the form is reached, he can click Submit.

Here we will add some of the points about fields that apply specifically to the Reservation type form.

Guest Fields
You have the option on the reservation type form whether to collect only general information on how many people (of each Guest Type) are coming, or if you also want to know their names.

To include only the number of people that are coming, be sure to uncheck the following three fields: GuestFirstName, GuestLastName (and GuestDetailsText).
Doing so will have the form only display the number of guest coming (in each type) as in this screenshot.

If you show the GuestFirstName and GuestLastName fields, the form will also display a section where you can enter that information, as illustrated below.

Note that in the above illustration the rows for the 2 adults and 1 child were automatically created with the user entered that info in the top part. 
Tip: You may want to put the GuestFirstName and GuestLastName fields in a later FieldSet giving the affect that it the rows are added when clicking the "Next" button. (You should not, however, put them in an earlier FieldSet because those fields are only created after the number of guests is filled in for each guest type.

Guest Type Setup
First, you need to set up your Price Details in the CMS Program.
  • Click Program Setup > Category Manager and check the Show Subcategories Check Box to display the Subcategory List.
    If you don't already have a Subcategory for this event, create one by clicking New.
    In our example, we used the Events Category, and Shabbat Dinner Subcategory.
  • Select the Subcategory and click View/Edit Price.
  • For each Guest Type, enter the Description and Unit Price.

Next, you need to setup the GuestType field on the Form Designer which will map to the Price Details in CMS.
  • Click the Setup button in the Multi-Option column.
  • First select the Attendee Subcategory. This is the Subcategory where the Price Details were created. In our example: Events: Shabbat Dinner.
  • For each Guest Type you want to include, choose the CMS Price Detail and enter the Attendee, Amount and Sort fields.


    The Attendee field determines how the Guest Type appears on the form, and does not have to be identical to the CMS Price Detail.
    For example, you can have a CMS Price Detail called "Student Discount" but use "Student" as the Attendee type.
    The Amount field also doesn't need to be the same as the Unit Price. 
    Sort determines the order in how the Guest Types will appear in the form.
Field Definitions

Guest Fields
  • GuestNo: The number of guests that are attending for each Guest Type. This must be visible on the form.
  • GuestType: The type of guests. See above on how to setup this field. This field must be visible on the form.
  • GuestAmount, GuestTotal: If you are charging for this event, be sure to a) check the Charge Event check box on the Settings tab and b) to add these field. They will appear on each Guest Type row.
  • GuestGrandTotal: This is the Total row for the Guest Types. This row will show the Total Guests. If you are Charging for the event, it will also display the Grand Total.
  • GuestDetailsText: If you are collecting Guest Names, you can include this field on your form to instruction the person. In the above screenshot, this field reads "Please enter all attendee names."
  • GuestFirstName, GuestLastName: These fields automatically get created when the one filling out the form enters a Guest Number for each Guest Type.
Donation Fields

If you are showing the DonationAmount field on your form for an optional donation (in addition to the reservation info), you can use these fields as well.
  • DonationText: A short description encouraging the person to make a donation. E.g. Please support our activities by sponsoring the event.
  • DonationDropDown, DonationRadio, Purpose. Please see details on how these fields work in our Donation Form KB Article
Other Amount Fields
  • ReservationAmount: This would be the same as the the Amount in the GrandTotal summary row. We recommend that you include this field in the payment page so that when making a payment, the person can clearly see how much the Reservation is. This field is automatically calculated based on the number of each guest type and cannot be edited directly.
  • TotalAmount: If including an optional donation on the form, this field automatically include the Reservation + Donation. This field is automatically calculated based on the reservation and the amount donated; it cannot be edited directly.
The fields that you should display on the payment page depend on what your Reservation form includes. Here are some examples:
  1. Free Event, Optional Donation: Include DonationAmount only.
  2. Paying Event, No Donation: Include ReservationAmount only.
  3. Paying Event, Optional Donation: Include ReservationAmount, DonationAmount and TotalAmount.