3. Authenticating your Google Account

Before you can start using Google Contacts Integration, you need to authenticate your CMS program and give it access to your account.

Please follow these steps to authenticate your Google account.
  1. In CMS, click Tasks > Contacts (Google Connection), enter your Gmail email address and click Ok.

    If this is the computer that will be logging in to Google for getting updates, be sure to click the 'Designate this computer...' check box. The following steps can only be done on the computer that is designated to get updates. See Designating a Computer for details on this.

    At this point, the account has not yet been authorized.

    (In past versions, you needed to enter your Gmail password. This is no longer the case.)

  2. Start CMS Connected and Login. Click CMS Connected icon (in the System Tray) to access its menu and choose Dashboard.
    You can also double-click the CMS Connected icon to open the dashboard.

  3. In the CMS Connected Dashboard, click the Authorize Google button.


  4. In the Google Contact Authorization window, select your User and click Authorize.
    (The list of users here are the CMS Logins which have entered an Email address in the Google Integration, step 1 above.)

    Important: Before clicking Authorize, make sure that you are logged in to the correct Gmail account in your web-browser. If you are logged into the wrong account you will have the opportunity to cancel the authorization process.
    If you are logged into multiple accounts, you will be able to select which Gmail account you want to connect to this CMS User.
    If you Authorized the wrong user, the integration will not work and you can undo the Authorization by selecting the user and clicking Revoke.

  5. Clicking Authorize, brings up your default web browser and prompts to you authorize access to Chabad Management System to your Contacts.

    Verify that the email address (top right) is correct, and click Accept.

    If the email address (at the top right) is not correct, click Cancel and make sure that prior to clicking Authorize (previous step), that you are logged into the correct Gmail account.

  6. After clicking Accept, CMS Connected will display a 'User Authorized' confirmation.

    Click OK to this confirmation and close the 'Google Contact Authorization' and 'CMS Connected - Dashboard' windows. You can also close the web browser window.

  7. To verify that the authorization was successful, in CMS click Tasks > Contacts (Google Connection). You should see the status of your Authorization with the Expire time set to 1 hour from when it was Authorized.

It is very important that CMS Connected remains running in the System Tray. CMS Connected continues to silently and automatically renew your account without your involvement. This occurs every 5 minutes.
If CMS Connected is not running and the authentication expires, the Google Contact integration will stop working. Should this occur, you will be prompted with a message from CMS prior to attempting to access your Google Contacts.

To correct this issue, simply start CMS Connected and Login. To expedite the renewal of the authentication, click Google Contact Updates from the Dashboard or CMS Connected menu . Expired authentications don't have to be authenticated anew online unless they were also revoked. 

The next step is Setting up a Google Group.