Create Primary

Create Primary provides you with a quick solution to an otherwise tedious task.

When clicking the Create Primary button in the Edit Family Member window, the family member will be separated from the current family and moved to his or her own record.

You would use this function in the following examples:
  • When a child moves out of the house and you want to create a separate main record for that child.
  • When a couple divorces, and you want to move one of the ex-spouses out of the family and create a separate main record for that ex-spouse.
The following information is moved along with the Family Member to his/her new record.
  • Contact Information such as Phones and Emails. Address and Home Phone are optional.
  • Family Member Program
  • Adult Education Classes Enrollments
  • Friendship Circle Programs.
Optionally, a relationship automatically be created between the two records.

Below are some screenshots on how this works.
  1. Click the Create Primary button to begin the process.

  2. Confirmation window and various options