Off List

Any Contact record can be marked as "off list".

A record marked as "off list" is by default excluded from all contact reports (Contact Report Marked tab). Consider "Off List" as one step before actually deleting the record from your database.
To mark a contact record as "off list," click the Details button at the bottom right of the Contact View window. There you can check or uncheck the Off List check box.

If a contact that is marked as "off list," you will be alerted whenever you edit that contact in any way. This includes making a change to the name or address, assigning to a Program, entering transactions and more.
The reason for this alert is so that you would consider putting them back "on the list" since you are making some edit (entering a transactions for example) and perhaps that that they are marked as "off list" needs to be undone.

To see a full listing of all contacts marked as "off list" you can do the following:

1. Reports > Contacts
2. Marked tab: uncheck all check boxes except for the "Off List" check box.
3. Change the drop-down for that section from "Exclude contacts marked..." to "Limit to Contacts Marked"
4. Click OK.