Error 2683: There is no object in this control

If you are getting an error message "There is no object in this control." when starting CMS, and then in various other windows in CMS, please read on on how to resolve this.

Status Update: Microsoft has now corrected this issue. The fix is automatically installed using Office Updates.

To get the update right away (and not wait until the scheduled automatic updates runs), please follow the instructions below.
How it is installed on your computer can vary depending the version of Office you have installed.
  • For Office 365 (click-to-run):
    1. Start any Office application (Word for example)
    2. click File > Account
    3. Click the Update Options down-arrow button and choose Update Now.
      Once updated, you'll be able to verify the build. It should be 8326.2087 or higher.
  • For traditional installations of Office (msi installations, and Volume Licensing, TechSoup etc.)
    1. Click here to go to the Microsoft Download page
    2. Scroll down and click the "Download update KB4011093 for 32-bit version of Ofice 2016"
    3. Proceed to download and install the update.
We anticipate that this update will be part of the regular Windows/Office update in the near future. For now, please install it manually using the instructions above.
History of this issue as it was a developing story starting 8/1/2017

Apparently, Microsoft released an update to Office 2016 on August 1, 2017 which disabled certain components that CMS relies on.
UPDATE 8/24/2017:
Microsoft has posted a fix for this issue with release of KB4011093 . We have tested it for the regular installation of Office 2016 (not for Office 365) and the fix appears to work.

At some point we anticipate that this fix will be part of the regular automatic updates and will be available for Office 365 as well.
For now, if you are using the regular version of Office 2016 (not Office 365), please do the following to install this fix.
  • Click here to go to the Microsoft Download page
  • Scroll down and click the "Download update KB4011093 for 32-bit version of Ofice 2016"
  • Proceed to download and install the update.
If you are using Office 365, you will for the time being need to follow the work-around and use Access Runtime 2013.

UPDATE 8/14/2017:
Based on user feedback from at the Microsoft forums, it has been determined that removing the Office Update KB4011051 corrects this issue. We have tested this on one of our computers with success.
  1. Open Windows Update (Check for Updates) on your computer:
  2. Click Update History
  3. Search for KB4011051
  4. Right-click and choose Uninstall.
    (if there are several, try uninstalling the first one and see if the issue is resolved. If it is not resolved, proceed to uninstall the second one...)
This fix will not work in all versions of Office 2016 or Office 365. If you can't find the KB4011051 update, please proceed with the workaround below on how to remove Access 2016 and install Access 2013.

UPDATE 8/1/2017:

Remove Access 2016 and install Access Runtime 2013.

To do this, please follow these steps.
  • 1. If possible, remove Access 2016 from Office 2016.
    • Open "Programs and Features" (Windows Control Panel).
    • Right Click on Office 2016 and choose Change
    • Select Add/Remove Features
    • Click the Down-arrow for Microsoft Access and choose "Not Available".
This isn't always possible. In some versions of Office 2016, you cannot remove just Access. If you don't have this option, skip to step 2.
You should now be able to start CMS without this error.

Important: If you did not remove Access 2016, you may get a message when starting CMS to select which application to use: Access 2016 or Microsoft Access. 
Be sure to choose Microsoft Access (not Access 2016.)

If CMS keeps on opening with Access 2016, please do the following to "tell" it to open with "Microsoft Access" (i.e. Access Runtime 2013).
  • Open C:\Chabad Management System
  • Right click the CMS application file (e.g. CMS17.7.14.accde)
  • Choose Open With...
  • Select Microsoft Access and check the box to "Always use this application"
If you need further assistance in implementing this fix, please let us know ASAP.

We apologize for the this inconvenience and are working hard, along with Microsoft, to bring back compatibility.