Payrix Integration

Announcing Payrix Integration with new low flat processing rates!

We are excited to announce that CMS has now completed it's integration with Payrix and will be passing along the low flat rates savings to you!

Payrix processing is available whether you're using CMS Classic (desktop) or CMS Cloud, 

With this new integration, there are...

  • No Monthly fees.
  • No Regulatory fees.
  • No PCI Compliance fees.
  • No Gateway fees.
  • No Non-compliance fees.
  • No Annual fees.
  • No Hidden fees.

There really is no catch.

Credit Cards: Just a simple fixed rate of 2.92% and .20/transaction

eCheck is just 1.02% and .30/transaction.

Even if you are already using the CC module, you can now add additional accounts with no fees and with the new low rates.

CMS Classic Users

To get started, please make sure that you are running CMS version 20.3.25 or later.

Setup of your Payrix account is instant and completely automated. It can be done by you, you alone in just 2 minutes.
Click Program Setup > Options > Credit Cards. Then click Add and choose Yes to create your Payrix account.

CMS Cloud Users
Please create a support ticket requesting Payrix Integration.

CCPI Module Features:

  • Instantly charge cards directly in CMS.
  • Create multiple no-fee accounts to direct different projects charges to be funded to their own bank account.
  • Schedule cards to be charged on a recurring basis (monthly pledges or tuition).
  • Same with eCheck (ACH). One time charges or recurring.
  • Setup special forms on your website that automatically charge the card and auto-enter the data into your CMS.

If you have any questions, please email us at


The fine print

  • Account Setup $18. This includes the account setup and banking verification.
  • Next Day funding is $1.25. 2 day funding is $0.25.
  • There are a few exceptions to the 2.92% flat rate for high risk amounts. >=$3000 for Amex is +.55%, and $7,500 for Visa/MC/Discover is +.35%
  • At this time, Payrix is only available for merchants in the USA. International cards for merchants in the USA are of course accepted. If you are located outside the US but have a US Tax ID number and bank account, you can use this feature.
Fees are subject to change
Updated March 2023.