Contact Pictures

Store Picture to Individual Family Members

You can associate a picture to an individual family member.

This feature will most commonly be used for children (Hebrew School or Camp) but can also be used for adults.

In order for this feature to work properly, you must first designate a folder where these pictures are stored. The actual pictures as NOT stored in the database, just a link to the pictures.

The recommended location of the pictures folder is My Documents\CMS\Pictures, however, on a network setup, this should be changed to a shared folder (just like the CMS data file is shared).

To designate a Picture Folder, Click Program Setup > Options > File Locations for this option.


Be sure to store all your pictures in this folder. If the location of this folder is moved, all you need to do is change the Picture Folder Location setting

  • On the main screen (Contact View) of the program, click the Family tab.
  • Select the individual family member and click Edit.
  • Double-click the picture space to select a picture.