Snowbird Addresses

Each Address record of a Contact be marked as No Mail. Addresses marked with No Mail are excluded from mailings.
If a person has more than one address, each address has its own "No Mail" check box and can be flagged as "No Mail" irrespective of the other one.

Some people are known as "Snow Birds" who "fly south" for the winter (or if they live in the South, "fly north" for the summer). In this case, it is not a black and white No Mail (yes or no), but it varies depending on what time of year. Using the Snow Bird feature, you can indicate when not to send mail to an address. Like the No Mail check box, each address has its own Snow Bird settings.

Click the Address Details button in the "Settings for this Address" section. Enter a Start Date and End Date (day and month only) when this address should not get mail.


When generating a contact report for mailing purposes and you want the report to exclude the address that are snow-birds (based on the time of year), make sure to do the following on the Marked tab: a) uncheck the Default check box. b) check the Snow Bird check box.