Selecting Names (tagging)

Click Check All or Uncheck All to check or uncheck (respectively) all names that are in the List (even the ones you don't see, but if you scroll down, you'll see them). If this List is Filtered (see Filtering, above), only those that are in the List will be affected. You can check or uncheck individual names.

To run a Contact report based on the checked names, click the Other tab then check the Selected Names check box.

To update a program based on the Selected Names, click the Update Program button. This opens the Manage Program window. Select the program you want to update, make sure the “Update based on selected names” check box is checked and click Update.

Important Note:
If you are working with a filter, “Check All” and “Uncheck All” will only affect the names that are in the List, not those that are filtered out. Then when updating a program or running a report on EVERYONE who is checked, there may be more names than you expect. To ensure that no other names are checked, first remove the filter, then click Uncheck All, then reapply that filter and begin selecting the names you need.