Custom Invoices and Statements

You can personalize your invoices as well as your statements. This is only compatible with Batch Invoices and Statements under the Tasks > Invoices/Statements (not the individual invoices).

Your customized statements and invoices "live" in a separate Access database. That being the case, making these customizations require you to have a full version of MS Access  (not Access Runtime) and the basic knowledge of Access Report design. Customization in this area is not included in any support plan and is available for additional fees. Please contact tech support if you're interested.

The location of this Access Database is in the C:\Chabad Management System folder. The name of the file is called CustomReports6.04 (or a different number depending on the version). Open the database and make customizations as needed. If you're afraid of "messing things up," make a copy of this file before making any changes.

You can move this file to any location on your computer (or network, in a multi-user environment). In any case, you must "tell" CMS where this file is by clicking on Program Setup > Options > Invoices tab and click the Open button to the right of the "Custom Reports" field.

When you generate batch Invoices or Statements (Tasks > Invoices & Statements), you have an option to use Output to "Custom". Choosing this option for either Invoices or Statements will allow you to select your custom designed Statement or Invoice (you can design more than one). When you click OK, the Custom Reports database will open and you can print you invoices/statements from there.