Payment Screen

Click New Payment on the Transaction tab to bring up the Payment window.


Notice the following:

  • Receipt, Send and Letter fields are in the top section -one for entire payment.
  • Row for Category, Subcategory and Amount. This makes splitting a payment more intuitive. For payments that are not being split, just enter one line.
  • Applied check box is a read-only field that indicates if this row in the payment is being applied to a bill.
  • Apply Payment button. Click this button to bring up the Apply window for easy and simple applying a payment to one ore more outstanding bills. See next section for details.
  • In Memory Of, Organization, Solicitor, Mailing and Memory/Honor fields along the bottom -one for the entire payment.
  • Hide Details button will hide these five fields.When clicked, the button changes to "Show Details".
    You can set the default visibility of these fields under Tools > Options > Invoices.

Other Important Points:

  • There is an option for "Prompt to Apply when outstanding bills exist". Tools > Options > Invoices.
    Setting this option will automatically bring up the Apply Payment window when you enter the Category section.
  • Clicking the Apply Payment button when there are no outstanding bills, will prompt you if you want to enter a new bill. You will get this prompt if you have the "Prompt to apply" as well.