Location of Data File

In addition to saving the last data file used, the location of the correct data file is now stored in the database. When a different data file is used, a startup warning appears and an alert window comes up periodically. The alert window can be snoozed for various time intervals.

Using the wrong data file can be extremely damaging, the system automatically reopens the last data file used, even if it is not the correct data file. When this happens (for example: opening up a backup, or simply uninformed users who loose network connectivity and select an old copy), a warning will be displayed.

For peer-to-peer network setup (no server) and the data is located on one of the computers, it is important that even the computer on which the data is located on, should access the data over the network, via a mapped drive to its own shared folder. Not setting this up properly will cause the alert window to come up even though the correct data file is being accessed.

Initially (when this feature was first implemented) the "Correct Data File Location" is automatically updated based on the data file that was used when the update was run. To modify this location, click Program Setup > Options > File Locations tab.