eCheck Integration

This feature allows you to process eCheck payments direct from a donors bank account. All you need is the Routing Number, Account Number and some other information about the account and a eCheck (ACH) will be processed directly into your bank account.

This is much cheaper than credit cards and is a great alternative to "the check is in the mail"...


If you're already using the Credit Card Processing Integration (CCPI) module, in most cases, your account will qualify for this as well.
Please contact tech support to verify.

To make this work, you need to contact and enable eCheck Processing WEB in your gateway. Once this is done, call tech support at 626-791-7072 to enable this in your CMS Program.

There are no additional fees in CMS for this to work. However, does charge extra for this feature. Please check with them for pricing when you activate this in your Gateway.