Check Writing

The bank account register supports printing of checks using Word Templates.
You'll need to setup your Account by entering all the account info. Click Tools > Custom Lists Setup > Accounts and enter all info pertaining to the data that appears on the check (Account Number, Routing, ABA, etc.)
You'll need to specify the location of this template associated with this account.

There is a new sample template in the CMS\Sample Templates called Copy this template into your Templates folder and if necessary, modify its design.

Note: Do not use the sample template as it is in the Sample Templates folder. All templates that are in that folder are likely to be overwritten by future updates to the CMS program or a reinstall (or repair) of the same version. Always copy your templates to the Templates folder and then make modifications as needed.

To print a check, select the Expense transactions in the Bank Account Register and click Print Check.
Once Word opens, click the Print button in Word.
Future updates to this feature will expand on the check printing capabilities.