Batch Credit Card Screen

To view and/or charge upcoming credit cards, click Tasks > Recurring Charges.


A list of all upcoming charges comes up, the charges that are due or passed due are checked, and future charges are unchecked.

You can edit a bill directly in this screen, by clicking Edit Bill. Once the card is charged, you can edit the payment that is automatically entered by clicking Edit Payment. If you make changes to this list (by editing a bill), you can click Refresh List to view the updates you made.

Click Charge Cards to begin charging the cards that are checked. As the cards are being charged, the status at the bottom and totals are updated. The Status column and color code as well on each row indicates where the system is holding. It takes about 3 seconds for each charge to go through. You can minimize this screen, and do other work while the charges are going through.

Another Recurring charges feature: If you want to peek ahead and view what is not yet due up to, 30 days forward (for example) you can have not-yet-due bills show up (but cannot be charged) in the Recurring Charges screen. Click Program Setup > Options > Credit Cards and enter the number of days you want to preview ahead of schedule.