Apply a Payment to a Bill

Clicking Apply Payment brings up the Apply Payment window.


What you see is a list of invoices that are unpaid or partially paid. It clearly shows you the original bill amount, how much was paid and how much is left.

The simplest way to apply is to check off the Applied field starting from the top. The system will automatically calculate how much to apply as you go down the list.

Of course, you don't have to start from the top, you can choose which bill to pay and how much to pay, using the Apply Amount field.

Note: If a single bill was split amounts different subcategories, each subcategory will come up in its own line. This allows for the payment splits to be created automatically when you click OK.


  • Total Payment: The total amount of the payment.
  • Total Applied: The total amount of this payment that is applied to various bills.
  • Total Other Items: The total amount from this payment that is not applied to any invoices. This would only be the case if category/subcategory information was entered prior to clicking Apply Payment.
  • Total Remaining: The total left to apply, (after deducting the Total Applied and Total Other Items from the Total Payment). This will never be more than that the Total Payment but it may be less. If its less when you click OK, you will have the option of manually entering a split for the remaining unapplied amount (this will become "Other items").

Version 8.3.4 Added "New bill" button to enter a new bill directly from the Apply Payment screen. Added Bill Date field to the list of fields.

Version 8.3.5 Bills associated with an AutoCharge payment on a Credit Card will not come up in this list. See for more details on the CCPI module.