Phone Fax, and Emails

The Chabad Management System supports unlimited phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses (Contact Numbers) per contact. Each Contact Number is assigned a Type. See Tools Menu for more information on setting up these Types.

To enter a new Contact Number, click in the blank record below the last number, choose a Type and enter the number.

You can only enter one Contact Number for each defined type. This means that if you already entered a number for the Home type, you cannot enter another number for Home. If you need to track more than one Home number, you need to create a new Type (called Home 2 for example).

Note: If the screen is locked, you cannot enter new Contact Numbers. See Locking for more information.


Describes what this Contact Number is. You can also use it to specify whether its His or Her number (ex: His Cell; Her Cell).

If you enter a Type that is not on the list, you will be asked if you want to add it to the list. Once a Type has been added to the list, it will be available for any contact to use.

This is the phone number, fax number or e-mail address. When you enter phone or fax numbers, an Input Mask assists you in entering data. Input Masks make data entry faster and ensure that data is entered in the correct format. Following are some things you should know about Input Masks:

  • You do not need to enter any symbols, such as parentheses or dashes. Just type the numbers and the symbols will be entered automatically.
  • You can only enter digits for a phone or fax number.
  • You are also restricted to enter the number in the correct format. For example, you will be prevented from entering 333-322 for a phone number. Although you will be allowed to enter a seven digit number, you should enter the area codes for local numbers for consistency.
  • If the Type is defined as an e-mail address, no Input Mask is enforced and you will be allowed to enter any character you choose.
  • If you are outside the US or Canada and have other formats for phone numbers, you can setup you own custom Input Mask. See Tools Menu for more information.

Extension. You should not enter the x before the extension. Reports automatically insert an x between the number and the extension.

This field can also be used for keeping a short note regarding this number or email. Typically this would be done when you don't want to create a new Type for this number but want to have a note describing what this number is.

No Call. Click this check box for phones, faxes and email addresses where the contact indicated to you not to contact him at.

When generating reports, Contact Numbers that are marked as NC will have the letters "NC" next to the number. When generating bulk e-mails or faxes (see Contact Report), fax number or e-mail addresses marked as NC will not be part of the batch. You can override this setting to include these fax numbers and e-mail addresses.