Filtering is the process of displaying a limited set of records based on criteria you choose. This is similar to creating a report, where you first choose criteria and then generate the report. The report will only display the data based on the criteria you selected. With a filter, you accomplish the same task without a report. When a filter is set on the Main screen, the screen will display only the records that match the filter. You can create and store as many filters as you like.

To create a filter, follow these steps:

  • Click the Set Filter button from the Home tab.

  • To use an existing filter, select it from the list and click Ok
  • To create a new filter, choose Define New Filter and click Ok

If you chose to create a new filter, the Create Filter window appears where you can specify criteria for this filter. This window is identical to the Contact Report window. For information on specifying criteria and sorting, see Contact Report.

When you finished specifying criteria, click Ok. You will be asked to enter a name for the filter.

In the Filter Name window, enter a name for the filter and click Ok.

Now the filter you created should appear in the list of existing filters, select that filter and click Ok.

When a filter is applied, the Filter button is pressed in and the Main screen will only display the records that match the filter.

To clear the filter, simply press the button again.