Sending Text Messages

SMS Service gives you the ability to send SMS (text messages) directly from within CMS.
Unlike with "Email to Text," True SMS sends actual text messages and you don't have to know who the carrier is.
After your account is set up, sending SMS is a breeze!
  1. Reports > Contacts
  2. Output: SMS (Text Messges), and "True SMS" from the options.
  3. Choose other criteria (optional), and click OK.
  4. Type your message and click Send.

Below are more details on the above steps and screenshots.
  1. Reports > Contacts
  2. Output: SMS (Text Messages) and choose 'True SMS' from the Options (default).

    True SMS will send real text messages to the mobile numbers you select. You do not have to know the mobile carrier (as you would with Email to Text).
  3. Choose Criteria
    Like with any contact report, if you don't choose criteria to limit who should be included in your Output, you will get your entire list. You might want to limit the SMS batch to show only those contacts in a particular program.
    Click OK
  4. Type your message and click Send

    When you click Send, you will be asked to confirm

    When you click Yes, the text messages are sent. You can see the progress in real time.
See SMS Billing which describes how we bill for this service.