Tab, Enter, ESC


The easiest and most efficient way to move between fields is to use the Tab key on your keyboard. This is called tabbing. There is a specific order of the fields, and by pressing the Tab button on your keyboard, you move to the next field. To go back to the previous field, you can press Shift + Tab. This key combination moves you backward through the fields in reverse order. Of course, you can always use the mouse to skip to any particular field.

Enter and ESC keys

Pressing the Enter key on your keyboard is equivalent to clicking the OK button. Pressing the ESC key on your keyboard is like clicking Cancel.

When you are in middle of editing a record and the record is not yet saved, you may be able to undo your changes (to an unsaved record) by clicking Edit > Undo or CTRL + Z. Pressing ESC will accomplish the same thing. The first time you press ESC (Edit > Undo) in an unsaved record, it undoes the changes to the current field. The second time you press ESC, it will undo the changes to the entire record.