Choosing Contacts for Google

You can designate any individual family member to become a Google Contact by editing the family member on the Family tab.
Check the Google Contact check box and click OK. The Contact is instantly created in your Google account.
Now, while it's nice to know that you can designate contacts one at a time for Google, most likely you won't want to go through each and every contact in your database to do this.

For this reason, we implemented a method in which you can choose a list of contacts easily.

Click Tasks > Contacts and click Select Contacts.
In this window, you can view All Synced, All Not Synced and Filter to a selected Program.
  • All Synced:  This will display all contacts that are already designated as "Google Contacts." They will all be checked.
  • All Not Synced: This will display all contacts that are not designated as "Google Contacts." They will all show up unchecked.
  • Filter/Program: You can show all contacts in a Program. When choosing this option, those already designated as a Google Contact will be checked and those not will be unchecked.
In all cases, you can choose to see "Primary Family Members only" or all family members. When limiting to Primary only, only the main two contacts in the family will show on the list, the Primary male (husband) and Primary female (wife).
You can also choose to show only "Contacts (that were) added in the" Last 7 Days, 30 Days, 3 Months or 12 Months. This is useful if you want to come back to this area periodically to see recently added contacts that may not have been added to your Google account.
Regardless of what is being shown on the list (Synced, Not Synced, Filter, etc.) you can check or uncheck any contact to add or delete them to/from your Google account.

You can also click Check All, or Uncheck All, to add or delete all the contacts to/from your Google account.
After checking and/or unchecking, click Update Google to send your request to your Google account.

If you checked and/or unchecked but change your mind before you clicked Update Google, you can click Cancel Changes to revert the check boxes to the way they were before you started.
It's important to emphasise that each individual family member becomes it's own Google Contact. This mean that the husband, wife and each child can be designated to be a Google contact. In Google, each one will be distinct unrelated contacts. In CMS, they will remain part of the same family.

Contacts in the same family will share the Home Phone number and Default Address. This means that when the Default address is edited in CMS, it will update all Google contacts of that family, instantly. Same with the Home Phone number.

The Work number, Mobile number and email address will be separate for each individual family member.
Google API Limitations

In addition, while not common, there are unknown restrictions that Google may place on your account (number of updates per hour/day, etc.). In testing for this, we have not been able to determine any concrete restrictions nor was there any clear guidelines from Google about this.

If you see that not all your contacts (that were checked/unchecked are successful, you can come back to this area at a later time to finish updating your account.