Phone, Fax and Email Options

Beneath the list of phone/fax/e-mail numbers, there are a few buttons with options pertaining to these numbers.


Move Up/Down Buttons:
Use these buttons to change the order of the Contact Numbers for this contact. This does not change the order of the way Types are displayed in the Type drop-down. To change the Type order, see Custom List Setup >Phone, Fax, E-mail Types.

Delete Button:
Use this button to delete a Contact Number. First select the number to be deleted, then click the button. You will be given a chance to confirm or cancel the delete. Click Yes to delete the number.

Connect Button:
This button does different things depending on what the Type is.

  • Phone Numbers If you have a modem you can place a call directly from CMS. First click on the number you want to call then click on the Connect button. This opens the Windows Phone Dialer to dial the number.

    Note: you need to have the correct settings in your Telephony section of the Control Panel for the phone dialer to work properly. Please consult Windows help for adjusting those settings. You also need to have a phone line connected to your modem.
  • Fax Numbers If you have Winfax 10 (or higher) you can send a fax directly from CMS. First click on the fax number you want to fax then click the Connect button. This opens Winfax with the fax number and recipient name. Type a message or attach a file and click Send.

    Note: Winfax's Controller may need to be running in the background in order for this feature to work. Please consult the Winfax documentation on more details using Winfax. To send bulk faxes, use the Contact Report.
  • E-mail Addresses If you have MS Outlook, Outlook Express or other Windows compatible e-mail client, you can send an e-mail directly from CMS. First click on the Email address you want to email to, then click the Connect button.


    To, Cc, Bcc
    The e-mail address is automatically inserted in the To field. You can click the To, Cc or Bcc buttons to add recipients to the e-mail message.

    Subject Type
    a subject for this email message.

    Edit message in e-mail program
    Check this option to have your e-mail program open the e-mail message when you click Send. This is useful if you need to add an attachment or other recipients that are stored in your e-mail program.

    Save this e-mail in History
    Check this option to have the e-mail saved in History when you click Send. See History for more information.

    To bypass the Send E-Mail screen and have your e-mail program open when clicking Connect, you can check the Send E-Mail Directly to Application option in tools>options>other.

    With this option checked, a new e-mail message will be created in your e-mail client with the e-mail address in the To field. Type the email and attach files as needed and click Send.

    To send bulk e-mails, use the Contact Report.

Details Button:
Use this button to view details about the phone, fax or e-mail selected, as well as to add more information such as emergency contacts and notes.


To associate a number to a family member, enter the family member under the family tab, and then choose their name by Whose Number under phone details.