Customize Letters

Click Program Setup > Customize Letters


Use this tool to easily and efficiently customize letters that you send out for various occasions and events. You can use these letters when you make Batch Letters. Select a letter that you want to customize by clicking on the drop-down list on the left side, or by using the arrows on the bottom to scroll through the letters. You can enter a letter name on the top as well as a type of letter. Type the body of the letter in the white rectangle, using the Available Fields on the left-hand side to put in fields that will be exchanged with actual names and numbers when creating batch letters. To add and delete letters, use the buttons on the bottom.

Press OK when you are done customizing the letters. If you make changes to an existing letter, a warning screen may pop-up telling you that transactions associated with this letter will be associated with the changes. Press OK to make the changes anyway or Cancel to discard the changes.