Suspected Duplicates

Click Tasks > Maintenance > Suspected Duplicates

This tool will search through the database for possible names and addresses that are duplicates. Chabad Management System will bring up either the same last name with the same address or the same address within a contact.

If your screen size is large enough, it's easiest to position the Suspected Duplicates window and the Main window (Contact View) side by side. 

Clicking on Main next to a suspected duplicate, will bring up that specific contact on the Contact View (Main).

Contacts or addresses that are duplicates can be easily deleted. See Deleting Contacts and Deleting Addresses. Contacts that are not duplicates, can be checked off by the box that says Not a Duplicate and can be excluded from further Suspected Duplicates searches by checking off the box Exclude names marked as "Not a Duplicate" on the bottom.

Note: If the Contact ID is the same, then the suspected duplicate is the address and if the Contact ID is different, then the suspected duplicate is the contact.

To move Transactions and other info from one contact to another, please see this KB article.