This KB Article only applies to CMS versions 15.5.11 and earlier. Click here for an updated KB article if you are using a later version. 

In the relationships tab you can keep track of relationships between contacts. Unlike the family tab where all members are included in one primary contact and contact ID, in this tab you can choose relationships from throughout the database. This tab can be hidden in the options under the tools menu.


To enter a new relationship, click on the New Relationship button.


Type in the relationship or choose one from the drop-down menu (if you used that relationship before). Choose a related contact from the contact list and type in the relationship (or choose it from the drop-down list). Enter an optional Note.
Click OK when you are done and the name with the relationship will appear in the relationships pane.

To Edit a relationship, click on Edit Relationship. The same pane as New Relationship will come up.
To Delete a relationship, click on Delete Relationship. A dialogue box will ask if you are sure. Pressing Yes will delete the relationship, thus disassociating the contacts with each other.

Pressing on Go To Relation will open up that contact in the Main Screen.