Credit Card Processing

In its ongoing quest to provide excellent products and services to Shluchim, Chabad Management System is happy to provide a Credit Card Processing Integration (CCPI) module which provides the ability to process credit cards over the Internet within the CMS program.

Here's how it works:

  • When you enter a new payment in CMS you can optionally enter credit card information for this payment. The credit card will be validated and charged at the same time the payment is entered into CMS.
  • The credit card data is encrypted and securely stored on file for this contact so future charges to the same card a snap. You can store multiple cards for a contact.
  • Schedule monthly payments to be charged automatically. Fully integrated with the existing bills/payments features.
  • You can configure multiple bank accounts so that different charges will be deposited in the bank account you choose. This happens based on the Category (and Organization) connected with the payment or bill being entered.
You don't pay for a terminal or any other hardware; cards are processed over the internet directly within the program.

If you purchased the CCPI module or are interested in getting it, please read through this section. It will give you a thorough understanding on how the integration works.

If you have any questions regarding any details about the CCPI Module, please contact tech support at 626 791-7072 ext 4. or email to

Authorize.Net Integration

CMS is integration with Authorize.Net.

  • Secure and stable environment.
  • No installation hassles and operating system incompatibilities.
  • No extra fees for Support and Maintenance.
  • Web based processing providing the ability for CMS CONNECTED forms on your website.

This features is available in the USA, CANADA, Europe and Australia.