Communicator Integration

CMS Version 18.5.4 or later is required in order to use this integration.

Account Setup
  1. Click Program Setup > Options > Custom tab
  2. Check the Communicator check box.
  3. Click the Settings button

  4. Enter your API Key. You obtain this key from your Communicator account.
  5. Click Create List

  6. Enter a List Name and optionally a Description and click OK.
  7. Once the list is created, choose it from the List drop-down (in previous screen).
Uploading Emails
  1. Click Reports > Contacts

  2. Choose Communicator from the Output option.
  3. Choose any other criteria, to limit the list (Programs, Transactions, etc.).
  4. Choose which List to upload to and click OK.
Tip: If you want the emails to be addressed to the individual contact, you should choose "Individual Family Member" on the General tab (under Options). You would also check the Include Primary check box.
(Limit to Primary can also be clicked if you only want to target primary family members.)