OneCallNow - Phone Tree

Emails, Postcards or Flyers are good, but sometimes it takes a phone call to reach people.

Need a way to reach lots of people by phone for your Chanukah Event?

Use to make thousands of calls for you in minutes to a list of numbers you give them. You record a message, upload your roster and click…

Their prices are extremely low and their professional service is unmatched.

NEW: record one message for answering machines and another message when a live person is reached.

Using CMS, you have all the tools you need to easily upload your phone numbers to your OneCallNow account.

The same Contact Report that allows you to specify criteria and generate lists, labels, merges, etc., has an option to Output to your OneCallNow. It’s quick, easy and best of all, fully integrated.

  • Click Reports > Contacts
  • Choose criteria as needed
  • Choose OneCallNow from the Output drop-down
  • Choose which Phone Types (Home, Work, etc) to call
  • Click OK

In seconds, your phone numbers are uploaded to your OneCallNow account ready for you to send the calls to. 

They offer nice touches such as Display you Own Caller ID, Bypasses Tele-Zappers, Specify Call Times, Call Reports and more, you can even poll for responses.

Another nice touch is that CMS will display a list of phone number that are incorrect. Double-clicking on a number takes you directly to that record where you can make corrections as needed. This is done instantly without even making any phone calls! 

See for pricing details and to sign up.

Once signed up, you'll need to download the OneCallNow component and install it on your computer. If you are not already logged in, please login. Once you are logged in, click Downloads > OneCallNow and follow instructions to install this component.

Be sure to configure your options for your OneCallNow account.

This is done by going to and signing in to your account.
There are options for Call Rings, CallerID, Time Zone, Call Next Day, and more.
Please refer to OneCallNow documentation for details on these and other features.

This feature can be used to make reminder calls to large lists before major events or to keep a small group of balebatim (Minyan, Hebrew School parents, etc.) updated on a regular basis. OneCallNow prices their services in two ways to match these two needs. You can get a block of 1000 calls for around 10 cents per call or have a roster of a designated number (50, 100, 200...) and make unlimited calls to that roster for a small monthly fee.

If you already have a OneCallNow account, be sure to enter your GroupID and PIN in CMS (Program Setup > Options > Phone Calls) in order for CMS to be able to connect to your account.