Restore a CMS Backup

Before restoring your backup, you'll need some information about your existing setup.
  1. Backup your data (Tasks > Backup Data File).
  2. Go to Knowledge Base > About CMS and write down the location of your current data file
  3. Go to Program Setup > Options > 'File Locations' tab and see (towards the bottom), where your backups are being created.

Once you have this information, you can proceed to restore the backup as follows:

  1. Rename your current CMS data file
    • Close CMS. 
    • Open the folder where your current data file is located (#2 above).
    • Rename your current data file to CMS.old.
  2. Copy your backup file
    • Go to your backup folders (#3 above),
    • Right click the data file you want to restore to and choose Copy.
    • Be sure you're copying the data file itself (Access mdb file), not the folder the backup is in (named with the date the backup was made).
  3. Past the file into the original location.
    • Go back to the current data file location (#2)
    • Right click and choose Paste
    • Now reopen CMS.

Important: Entering data while linked to a non current data file, may result in lost data that cannot be recovered.

We cannot take any responsibility for lost information. If you are unclear with the instruction here, please contact technical support BEFORE making any changes.