In-Kind Donations

When somebody donates a non cash item to your organization, it should be recorded as an "in-kind" payment.

When entering a new payment, under 'Method:' choose 'In Kind'. (You can setup other payment methods as well - see Payment Methods.)
Enter the category and subcategory of the in kind donation, and then click the 'Item Desc.' button to enter the description of the item (and its estimated value).

A few things to point out...
  • In-kind letters have to be batched separately (when batching thank you letters in Tasks > Letters & Receipts).
  • Built-in thank-you letters will automatically insert the in-kind description on the bottom of the receipt stub. You can also choose to insert the in-kind description elsewhere in the letter by placing the < InKindDescription> tag in the letter (See Customize Letters).
  • Word merge thank-you letters can pick up the in-kind description using the <InKindDescription> field. Alternatively, you may use the transaction note with the <TransactionNote> field.
  • In-kind donations do not have a monetary value. The amount field is disabled when choosing method: in-kind. You can choose to write an estimated amount in the in-kind description filed.