Add Recently Added Contacts to a Program

  1. Click View > List View to see your contacts in a list view.

    Click the 'Uncheck All' button to ensure that no contacts are checked.
  2. Click the 'Set Filter' button on the toolbar (on top).

    Choose to create a new filter, by selecting 'Define New Filter' and click OK.

  3. On the 'Other' tab, 


    use the 'Date Added' section to limit the list of contacts based on when they were added to the system.
    Click OK.

  4. CMS will prompt you to name this new filter, give it a name.
    Now select the new filter and select it from the list and click OK.

  5. Go back to the List View (step 1,) (you'll notice that only people recently added to CMS are listed now).
    Click the 'Check All' button and then click the 'Update Program'.
    This will open the 'Manage Programs' tool.


    Select the program you wish to enroll your contacts into from the top drop-down, or use the 'Choose Program' button.
    Select the 'Update based on Selected Names' radio button.
    Click 'Update'.


    Click 'Yes'.
    Now all the selected contacts are in the program.