Labels with Word

Using Word for Labels


At times, you will need to use labels other than the standard Avery 5160 (30 per page). Using Microsoft Word, you can design many other style labels.

Here are the steps for you to make labels using Word.

  • Click Reports > Contacts.
  • Choose Word Merge from the Output drop-down.
  • Chose Labels from the Merge Type drop-down.
  • Click OK.

If you have an existing Template you can choose it as your starting point. This is done under Program Setup > Options > File Locations. The template should already have the fields in their proper places.


There is a sample template located in C:\Chabad Management System\Sample Templates.

When Word opens, follow these steps to design your label.

  • On the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge > Labels.
  • Select the label you are using from the list and click OK.
  • Click OK to confirm that Word will "delete the current contents..."
  • Insert the merge fields into the first label:
    • Click your mouse in the first label.
    • Click Insert Merge Field. Click the field to insert. The following are the fields that are typically used for Labels



«City», «State» «Zip4»


  • When you're done with the first label, click "Update Labels". This will update all the labels to look like the first one. Formatting done to the first label will also be updated to all the labels.

If you find that you often need to use Word for labels, you can create a Template that will save all your formatting and labels options.

  • Follow the steps above to create a merge.
  • In Word, click File > Save As...
  • In the Save As window, choose Document Template from the 'Save as Type' drop-down.
  • Enter a Name for the template (example: MyLabels)
  • Make sure you are saving the template in a locations you can later find (example: My Documents\CMS\Templates) and click OK.
  • Click Start Mail Merge > Select 'Normal Word Document'
  • Click File > Save

You now have a Word template that you can use. Next time you want to use the template for labels...

  • Click Reports > Contacts.
  • Choose Word Merge > Letters and click OK.
  • Click the Select Template button, locate the template you created (MyLabels) and click Open, then click OK.

You can create as many Word templates as you need.