Getting Started with CMS Connected

CMS Connected provides you with ready made web forms that you can plug into your website. It works on any site including and chabadsites. Click here for a more complete overview.

Please ensure that you are using the latest version of CMS. You can check what version you are using by clicking Help > About Chabad Management System. To see what the latest version is, click Help > Program Updates.
To enable this module, please contact tech support for assistance. The activation process is quick and easy. Two things need to be done.
  1. You will need to enter a Serial Number into your CMS program. This is done in the Help > About Chabad Management System screen. Tech support will provide you with your Serial Number. 
  2. Tech support will update your online profile with your Computer Name.
Once the module is activated, click Start > All Programs > Chabad Management System > CMS Connected. Enter your username and click Login.

The Serial Number and Computer Name, along with your unique login, adds additional security to CMS Connected.

The CMS Connected program runs in the system tray (next to the clock). If you restart your computer, you'll need to restart the CMS Connected program.

    As of March 2010 there is no fee for this module, other than a $50 setup. This may change in the future. No pricing is not available at this time.

    All forms can be configured to display or hide various fields and drop-downs are user defined. See detailed instructions on configuring these forms here.

    Click here for instructions on setting up your forms.
    Click here for instructions on downloading and processing form submissions.