Downloading and Processing Submissions

If you haven't enabled the CMS Connected module yet, please see Getting Started with CMS Connected.
For information on designing your forms and getting them to your website, click here.

Note: Version 14 of CMS and higher should refer to the detailed instructions posted in here

Click Task > Online Form Submissions.
You can choose Donations, Reservations or Camp Registrations. 

This brings up the Online Forms Import Wizard.

This Wizard has three general steps. 
  1. Process the submissions. Here the program will automatically attempt to match up submissions to records in your database.
  2. Review the matched records. Here you can review what the first step did, make adjustments and optionally manually edit data in CMS.
  3. Import the data. 
Click Next and Previous to move forward and backwards in the Wizard steps.

These steps are now described in more detail:
  1. Process Website Submissions.
    In the first step of the Wizard, click the Process button. The Wizard goes though all the submissions and matches them up to your database. Matches are done based on Last Name and partial Address. Because the Address field is used in matching up the submissions, it is important that you make this field Visible and Required on your forms in order for this to work properly.
    At times, a match won't be made because of a misspelling in the name and/or address in CMS or in the submission. In a rare case a submission will be incorrectly matched up (if you have two contacts with the same last name with similar addresses). This is where the next step in the Wizard comes in.
  2. View Submission Details and Matched Records

    Displayed above is the Reservation screen. The donation screen is much simpler because it does not deal with the Guest List. There are some differences in the Donation importing but most of it is the same as the Reservation process.
    This is a very important step in the Wizard and should not be overlooked. It will determine how the information submitted will end up in your database.

    • Previous/Next Submission buttons
      If you have downloaded multiple submissions, use these buttons to move between the submissions. Each submission should be reviewed to ensure that the automatic match up process in the previous step was done correctly.
    • Auth Number
      Displays the authorization number if the credit card was already charged online (using Instant Charge). If the card has already been charged, you cannot edit the amounts.
    • Online Form Submitted
      This is the Contact Info (name, address, phone, email and credit card) information that was submitted online. If it differs, even in the slightest, from the matched CMS record, it will be displayed in red.
    • Matched CMS Record
      This is the Contact info in your database that the Wizard matched the submission to. (IDs, if displayed, are the internal numbers that the record has and can be ignored.)
      If this area is blank, this means that the Wizard did not match the submission to any record in your database.
    • Reservation Submitted / Edit/Save button
      Here are the details of the reservation (or donation) submitted. 
      For Reservations, each attendee is listed with the amount, name, matched family member and Action. Matched Family Member and Action are the most important fields. During the first step of the Wizard in matching up records, if a match was made, the Wizard goes further and attempts to match up each guest to members of the family (based on first name). This does not mean that each Attendee must be in the person's family, but if the guest does exist in the family, the match will be made. This is displayed under Matched Family member. If a match was made, the Action will be "Existing Member". If no match was made, you can manually select a match by choosing from the Matched Family Member drop-down. If the guest does not appear in this drop-down, you can choose "New Member" or leave it as "Not Specified". "New Member" will add the guest to the person's family. "Not Specified" will not add the person. 
      You also have the ability to edit other fields in the reservation. Amounts cannot be edited if the card has already been charged.
    • Select Match
      Click this button to select a (different) contact in your database for this submission. In the window that comes up, you can search by Name, Address, Phone or Email.
    • Un-match button
      Click this button to un-match the submission from the matched record. Do this if the Wizard (or you) matched the submission to an incorrect match. Submissions that are not matched will cause a new Contact to be created in your database when the Import is completed (last step).
    • Update Match
      Click this button to update the data in your database for the matched record displayed. Do this if the submitted record (which is matched to a Contact in your database) contains some information that you don't have or you have differently. When the import is completed (last step), matched records will not have their contact info updated, rather, just the reservation (donation) is entered.
      Important: Clicking this button changes the information in your database. There is no Undo. 
      If you want to update only some of the fields in the matched record, but not all of them, the next step in the Wizard gives you the ability to manually update individual fields. For example: if the submission has a new phone number, but does not have the wife's name, clicking Update Match may not be what you want to do because you'll loose some information (the wife's name). In this case, you can manually add the phone number to the matched record in the next screen of the Wizard.
  3. Import the Data. Simply click the Finish button. The Wizard will automatically add the contact for unmatched records and add the reservation. Where indicated (by choosing New Member), new family members will added for Guests. If the credit card was already charged, the payment will be entered as well and applied to the reservation.