Envelopes via Word

Generating an Envelope for the contact you are viewing is done by clicking the Envelope button on the Toolbar.


Depending on your specific printer, you may need to change the paper size to #10 Envelope. Because this setting is not saved from time to time, a better option is to use Word to generate your Envelopes.


Another reasons to consider using Word is that you have more flexible formatting options such as putting in your own logo or using different size envelopes.


Follow the steps below to configure CMS to use Word for Envelopes:

  1. Copy the sample Envelope Template from 'C:\Chabad Management System\Sample Templates' to 'My Documents\CMS\Templates' folder.
  2. To modify the template, right-click the file and choose Open.
    Note: Double-clicking it will create a New document with the template's design -not what you want.
  3. In CMS, click Program Setup > Options > File Locations tab and check the Envelope check box.
    This indicates to CMS that it should use Word for generating envelopes.
  4. Click the Open button (to the right of the long white box) and select the envelope template from the My Documents\CMS\Templates folder.
    This tells CMS which template you want to use as your default envelope template.

Once this is done, you generate envelopes as usual, by clicking the Envelope button on the Toolbar but with one difference: Word will automatically open a new document which you can print from Word. This document takes its formatting directly from the Template in which you have full control over.