Multiple Merchant Accounts

It is possible to use more than one Merchant Account and Gateway with CMS. For example, you may have a separate merchant account for Hebrew School or Camp that deposits directly into the School/Camp bank account.

For assistance in the initial setup in creating your merchant account and adding it to CMS, please contact tech support.

It is imperative that you understand how the program directs credit card charges to the correct merchant account. This is done based on the Organization field in the Transaction.

To associate an Organization with a Merchant Account, click Program Setup > Custom List Setup > Organizations. For each Organization, select a Merchant Account. 
Note: If your Merchant Account is not listed, please call tech support to add it.

When entering the payment or a bill (one time charge, or recurring), select the Organization (from the Organization field) that is associated with the Merchant Account you want the Charge to be directed to. 

(If you don't see the Organization field in the Payment or Bill screen, click the Show Details button. You can have the Details shown by default by clicking Program Setup > Options > Invoices tab and uncheck the "Hide Details from Bills/Payments" check box.)

If no organization is selected in the Payment/Bill, the default merchant account, listed in Program Setup > Options > Credit Cards tab, will be used.

You can associate an organization with a Category.
Click Program Setup > Category Manager. Select a Category and click Modify. Choose the Default Organization.
By doing this, the Organization field is entered automatically after selecting a Category in the Payment/Bill screen or when scheduling a recurring pledge. You can still modify  the Organization field after selecting the Category if need be.