QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration gives you the ability to automatically have your deposits in CMS become deposits in QuickBooks.
To enable this integration, you must be using CMS version 10.12.24 or later, and download and install the QuickBooks Integration Components.
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Once installed, you enable this integration by clicking Program Setup > Options >  Custom tab and check the QuickBooks Integration check box.
Then, click Settings to set up the various mappings between CMS and QuickBooks.
  1. Bank Accounts
    For a deposit to be successfully created in QuickBooks, Bank Accounts in CMS must be mapped to QuickBooks Bank Accounts.
  2. Subcategories
    Subcategories need to be mapped to QuickBooks Service Items (in QuickBooks, Items are related to Income Accounts).
    In order for Deposits to be created in QuickBooks, the Subcategories associated with the payments (in a given deposit) need to be mapped to QuickBooks Service Items. Items in QuickBooks are used when creating Sales Receipts (Donations). Even if you are not intending to have Sales Receipts created, and you're not mapping Contacts (see point 4 below), you still need to map the Subcategories so that each line in the Deposit has an Income Account specified. 
  3. Payment Methods
    While not required, it will make the data entered in QuickBooks more complete by having Payment Methods entered.
  4. Integrate with QuickBooks Customers: Contacts
    This optional level of integration allows CMS Contacts to be mapped to QuickBooks Customers. When a Deposit is created in QuickBooks, individual Sales Receipts will be created if the CMS Contacts is mapped; otherwise, a deposit line item will be created associated with an Income Account.
To create a QuickBooks deposit, first select the Deposit in the Bank Account Register, and click QuickBooks Deposit.
If any of the above items are not mapped, you will be prompted to map them at this time. Mappings that are required (Bank Account and Subcategories) that are not mapped, will prevent the Deposit from being created in QuickBooks. Mappings that are not required (Methods, Contacts) that are not mapped, will give you an opportunity to map them, but will create the Deposit regardless.
QuickBooks must be installed and running, with your Company File open, in order for the integration to work. 
The first time CMS communicates with QuickBooks, you will be prompted with a Security message. You should choose to allow (any of the allow options) in order to allow CMS to "talk" to QuickBooks.
For more information about the Bank Account Register and entering Deposits in CMS, see http://support.chabadms.com/KB/a387/bank-account-register.aspx
This feature has been implemented in CMS Version 10.12.24