Updating Your Subscription / Activation

Please note: Version 16.12.21 and later have the License Manager as part of the CMS Program and is no longer part of CMS Connected.
Click Program Setup > License Manager

If you are using an older version of CMS, please read the information below.

While in the past it was necessary to obtain a renewal code via email when renewing your subscription, and when getting a new computer a new code was required (based on an installation number) -- this is no longer necessary.

Using CMS CONNECTED, you can automatically manage your computer licenses and update their subscription expiration date. You can also easily deactivate a License on an old computer that you'll no longer be using, and move that license to a new computer.

If you don't have CMS CONNECTED installed yet, please see the end of this Article for the installation instructions.

Double-click the CMS CONNECTED shortcut on your desktop to start CMS CONNECTED.

If you are prompted to login, enter your Username to the support website. 
Note: The CMS Data File should automatically be selected. If it is not selected, (or the wrong file is selected) you can select your CMS Data File by clicking the Browse button.

Once you're logged in, CMS CONNECTED should be running in the System Tray (next to the Windows clock). Right click on CMS CONNECTED and choose "Computer License Manager".

Here you should be able to see your Computer Licenses.
Select a License from the List and Click Assign. This will associate the selected license to the computer that you are using. If you have multiple computer licenses, it is helpful to give each computer licenses a descriptive name. Use the Description field for that.

Once your computer is associated with a License, you can click the Renew button. This will update your Subscription Expiration date on the computer to match the Expiration date of the matched License.

While this method of managing your Computer Licenses is new and may seem superfluous, we believe that you will learn to appreciate the "self service" nature of the Renewal process and of having the freedom to deactivate and activate computers at your leisure.

CMS CONNECTED Installation Instructions
If you don't have CMS CONNECTED installed, you will need to download and install this component in order to take advantage of the above mentioned features. There is no additional cost for the Computer Licenses Manager.
  • Login to the support website 
    (If you're not sure of your username, click the Forgot Login link to get an email reminder.)
  • Click Downloads
  • Click CMS CONNECTED and follow simple installation instructions.
Note: You must be logged in to the support website in order to access the Downloads section.